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The Story of Bayville Winter Wonderland

A Bayville Family Tradition

Winter in Bayville has always been a festive time of year for the Bay family. From across the globe each relative arrives – by plane or train, boat or bobsled - bringing fanciful presents, exotic holiday decorations and fabulous tales of the past year’s adventures. It has been a Bay family tradition for as long as anyone can remember. They all gather without fail to transform their little corner of the world into a place filled with holiday magic and the spirit of the season.

And some of that holiday magic started… with an elf. In 1909, explorer Broderick Bay was part of the historic North Pole expedition of famed Navy engineer Robert Edwin Peary - credited as the first man to reach the Pole. During the arduous trek, Bay became separated from the rest of the party. Wandering for what seemed like days in the artic cold, Bay collapsed. When next he opened his eyes, he was greeted by a wondrous sight. There before him was a small man dressed all in green with bells jingling from his hat and shoes. Broderick Bay had been saved from certain death by an elf. An elf named Felix.

Felix nursed the frozen explorer back to health, all the while eagerly listening to tales of the outside world. Then the elf did something no elf had ever done before – he brought an outsider into the workshop of Santa Claus.  For Felix was a bit of an adventurer himself… and he felt it was time for Santa to expand his North Pole operations. A new location was needed to create toys for the holidays. And Felix knew just where it should be built.

And so it was that arctic explorer Broderick Bay and an elf named Felix brought an annex of Santa’s workshop to Bayville. And with it came a warm holiday glow that lifts the spirits of the entire Bay family.  And every year, Santa Claus himself pays a visit to Bayville to check on the progress at the Toy Factory and to meet with the children of Long Island.

Though the weather is frosty and cold, you’ll get a warm welcome in Bayville as the Bay family offers the merriest of season’s greetings to all who visit their beloved hometown. This year the Bay family are sharing the magic with all of you. Become part of their unique holiday tradition, as Bayville truly becomes… a Winter Wonderland.