Professor Burton Bay's Arcade of Amusements

Half a million dollars worth of video and redemption games with great redemption prizes. After many years studying electronics and machinery in Europe, Professor Burton Bay returned home to Bayville in 1965 with a plan to build a new family business.  He sought to combine his passion for old-time carnival tests of skill and fireworks to create truly explosive new games. Over the next ten years, Professor Bay transformed the old groundskeeper’s quarters into an inventor’s workshop and fireworks factory.

During this period, Professor Bay designed the games “Blow Up Billy”, “Run-For-The-Rapids” and “Wallop-A-Weasel” and the workshop exploded three times.  Deciding to forgo the fireworks, Bay focused solely on the creation of new and exciting games that would challenge both young and old. The workshop exploded only once during this time.

Undaunted by past catastrophes, Professor Bay restored the building once again in 1979 and is to this day making modifications to many of the games currently on display. Some of the upgrades were made using his trademarked highly unstable compounds.  So, gamers … play at your own risk!  Or as Professor Burton Bay would say, “Have a bang up time, everyone!”